Minis Collection [RUS / ENG] PSP
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Minis Collection [RUS / ENG] PSPГод выпуска: 2008-2010
Жанр: Minis
Издательство: PlayStation Network,Icon Games,Halfbrick Studios
Разработчик: PlayStation Network,Icon Games,Halfbrick
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Платформа: PSP
Системные требования: Проверено на прошивке 5.00 М33-6
Описание: Сборник из 90 игр Minis.


1. Скачайте
2. Файл с игрой записать на карту памяти в папку X:/ISO (где Х - ваша карта памяти).
3. Запускать из меню 'Игра'.

Список игр:
•Age of Zombies
•Alien Havoc [Patched]
•Alien Zombie Death [Patched]
•Battle Poker [Patched]
•Beam'em Up [Patched]
•Blast Off [Patched]
•Bloons [Patched]
•Bowling 3D [Patched]
•Brainpipe [Patched]
•Bubble Trubble [Patched]
•Busy Sweets Factory [Patched]
•Car Jack Streets [Patched]
•Charge! Tank Squad! [Patched]
•Circles, Circles, Circles [Patched]
•Cubixx [Patched]
•D-Cube Planet [Patched]
•Dracula - Undead Awakening [Patched]
•DynoGems [Patched]
•Earthshield [Patched]
•Express Raider [Patched]
•Fieldrunners [Patched]
•Finger Connection [Patched]
•Fortix (v3)
•Freekscape: Escape From Hell [Patched]
•Funky Punch
•Gold Fever
•Heracles Chariot Racing
•Hero of Sparta [Patched]
•Homerun Hitters [Patched]
•Hysteria Project [Patched]
•Ice Road Truckers [Patched]
•International Snooker [Patched]
•Legend of Kunoichi
•Let's Golf! [Patched]
•Lock 'n' Chase [Patched]
•Love Cupid [Patched]
•Mahjongg Artifacts [Patched]
•Mahjongg Artifacts: Chapter 2 [Patched]
•Manic Monkey Mayhem [Patched]
•Monopoly [Patched]
•Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess! [Patched]
•Music Quiz [Patched]
•NormalTanks [Patched]
•One Two Boat Racing [Patched]
•Pile Up! Bakery [Patched]
•Pinball Dreams
•Pinball Duel [Patched]
•Pinball Fantasies [Patched]
•Puzzle Scape Mini [Patched]
•Quiz Animania [Patched]
•Ramen Heaven [Patched]
•Red Bull X-Fighters [Patched]
•Reef Aquarium [Patched]
•Retro Cave Flyer [Patched]
•Robin Hood: The Return of Richard [Patched]
•Rocks N’ Rockets [Patched]
•Rocket Racing [Patched]
•Route 66 [Patched]
•Sheep Defense [Patched]
•Shogi [Patched]
•Sneezies [Patched]
•Spaceball: Revolution
•Spot the Differences! [Patched]
•Stand O' Food
•Sudoku [Patched]
•SuperMarket Mania [Patched]
•Sweet Reversi
•Telegraph Crosswords [Patched]
•Telegraph Sudoku & Kakuro [Patched]
•Tetris [Patched]
•The Terminator [Patched]
•This is Football Management [Patched]
•Tiger Trouble [Patched]
•Tonzurakko [Patched]
•Totsugeki Senshatai [Patched]
•Vector TD [Patched]
•Vempire [Patched]
•Vibes [Patched]
•VT Tennis [Patched]
•YetiSports: Pengu Throw [Patched]
•Yummy Yummy Cooking Jam [Patched]
•Zombie Tycoon [Patched]
+ подарок (бильярд) - 100 mb

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    народ встаньте на раздачу плз

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    есть несколько прикольных игр!!!
    советую скачать! dance2
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